Monday, December 12, 2011

10 to lemon. LIGHTS.

Hey everyone! As you can see, i've been having a busy semester... I haven't posted in a while. Well there is a lot on my mind, but I think I'll just my first ever short story of my college writing career! Here is... Lights:

It was chilly. Bill could feel it through the screen door. He shifted his weight a tiny bit, so that the ladder he was holding wasn’t digging into his side. He looked outside. Lilah sat on the misty grey porch. She was bent over forward, doing something he couldn’t see. Beyond her, he saw billows of snow laying on the crunchy grass like mismatched pillows.
“Bill, can I get by?” Jean, his wife, walked past him, sucking herself in so that she could pass him without brushing him. She walked onto the porch.
“Honey, please. What did mommy tell you about the lights?” Jean carried boxes of Christmas lights in her arms and passed her daughter and set the boxes down at the edge of the porch.
Bill sighed and pushed open the screen door.
“Jean, can you help me with this?” He stepped out onto the porch, holding the ladder. Jean bustled over to him, grabbed the end of the ladder, and they were able to carry it past the porch and onto the lawn.
“Let’s put the icicle ones in the front.” Jean said, setting her side of the ladder down below the gutters.
“Sure.” Bill said as he set the ladder down and breathed heavily against the chilly grey air.
“Then we can put the colored ones on that tree over there and the bush by the porch.” She turned from her Bill, and Bill saw her walk to the porch, and start to open boxes of lights. He watched her for a second as she pulled the green cords out and started to detangle them, pulling them straight with a bit more force than necessary.
“Mommy, these are my lights. Sally likes them. They make her dress pretty.” Lilah held a small doll with lights wrapped tightly around her for Jean to see, a look of indignation on her face.
“Yes honey that’s nice.” He heard Jean utter, lifting her eyes for a second to see the doll, and then turning back to pulling lights. Lilah pulls her doll back to her chest and holds it for a couple of seconds before setting it down disappointedly. Bill hears her get up and patter into the house. She continued pulling the dark green cords apart from each other. The cords were stiff from the cold, but Jean persisted until all the lights were in neat rows on the sidewalk. She looked up to see Bill watching her. He turned back to the gutters. He didn’t like to admit to himself that he was disappointed in her. He tried not to watch her anymore.
Only minutes later he heard her call for him.
“Bill, the lights are ready.” Jean’s voice was slightly muffled in the dense winter air. He trudges toward her in the snow, his hands in his pockets. He sees the rows of lights and leans down to grab the first string of lights. As he grabs them, he looks up to see Jean looking at him with a strange look on her face. Her dark blue eyes brimmed with tears. Her lips full and red, a slight cut was visible on her bottom lip, a bad habit of hers. He turns away from her, sickened by her appearance. He grabs the lights and heads over to the ladder, climbs up, and starts to clip each light onto the gutter.
As he stood on the ladder, clipping lights, he stopped and to wring his hands together, warming them. Bill’s hands were covered with thick gloves, but his hands were cold. He usually enjoys the cold, relishing the fact he can always bundle up and make himself warm. But no matter what he put on this morning, he still felt cold. As he moved along the house, clipping the lights, thoughts of yesterday flitted in and out of his mind and he tried to push them away, but they wouldn’t give. He held the lights in his hand, warming them with the small lights, wishing they would somehow fill him with some sort of joy. To neighbors passing by, he was simply a man on a ladder, putting up Christmas lights. But somehow he felt less than that, like he didn’t deserve to be putting up lights.
“Bill?” A small voice came from behind him. Jean was standing there, holding two mugs.
“Are you thirsty?”
“No. Thanks though.” He didn’t look at her, but kept working.
“Please. It’s cold. I made it for you.” Her voice quivered slightly, but persisted.
“I’m sure Lilah would like it. Really, I’m fine.” He said and there was a moment of silence before he heard her footsteps retreating. He hated himself in that moment. He knew he was hurting her. Why did he blame her? He didn’t, really. He just couldn’t look at her right now. Distance was the only thing that could help. The only thing.  
She came back a couple minutes later. She hesitantly stood next to the ladder and looked up at him.
“Bill, I’m sorry.”
“For what?”
“You know what. I feel like it’s my fault.”
“Jean, it’s not your fault.”
“They may be wrong. Bill we could still try.”
“Let’s not talk about it right now.” He turned back to the lights. Jean went back inside the house, admitting defeat.
It wasn’t her fault. He knew this. But he couldn’t talk about it right now. Why does she always have to bring it up? Bitter thoughts weaved through him like the lights he was holding.
About an hour later, an excited pattering came from the porch. Bill turned to see Lilah come out of the house, running with her hands full of toys. He turned back to his work as Lilah stopped just short of the grass, and with a loud thunk, dumped the toys onto the frozen dirt. She plopped down and started to arrange them. After the elephant was next to the tiger, and the train was next to Sally the doll, she stood up and ran to get a new string of lights next to her Dad’s ladder. She grabbed the lights and pulled. As she ran, the lights trailed behind her, and the pile next to the ladder started to get smaller and smaller. The lights in Bill’s hand gave a startled twitch, then suddenly leapt out of his hands. The force from Lilah’s pull, and the tension from Bill’s hold took its toll. The lights clipped to the house waved like a snake, and the air was filled with the sound of thousands of popping glass bulbs. Then there was the slightest pause, before…
“LILAH..!” Bill’s voice pierced the air as the remains of the bulbs and green wire fell and littered the white ground. A neighbor stopped on his walk and looked up, startled. Jean stopped on the front step to the house, holding a plate of sandwiches. The snow even seemed to stop falling. Everything had stopped to see what would happen next. Everything was holding its breath.
Lilah stood about a foot away from her toys, still holding the limp strand of lights in her hand. She looked down and seemed to be surprised she was still holding them. She let them fall was a muffled thump. She looked at her dad, her eyes frosting over, the grey irises glazing with tears. Then gently, one by one, the tears fell. Her face twisted, contorted, and flushed with a sudden rush of red. She turned and ran to her mother and clung to her leg. The plate of sandwiches Jean was holding swayed dangerously as she tried to keep it steady in one arm and absorb the shock of Lilah running into her with the other. She looked up at Bill.
Bill was expressionless. With a calm air, he climbed down the ladder, his snow pants swooshing with each step. He didn’t look at his wife or his little crying daughter. He slowly walked past them on the porch, opened the screen door, and walked into the warm house.
*                      *                      *
                Several hours passed before Bill finally emerged from his room. His head was pounding. Earlier, he had collapsed onto his bed, and had woken up with the biggest headache. He walked into the kitchen, and saw a scene he was quite used to. Jean was standing at the large granite stove top, a big metal pan in front of her full of steaming spaghetti sauce. There was a strong smell of garlic coming from the oven, and an empty bread basket next to the stove. She stirred with great care, holding the ladle for dear life. At the kitchen table, Lilah was drawing something. Crayons were scattered over the paisley table cloth. Her blonde hair was falling over the page she was coloring, her face so close to the paper, as though she were scared it would slip from under her. Bill started making his way to her, but stopped just behind his wife. He raised a hesitant hand and touched her shoulder. She twitched slightly, then turned her head around and gave him an impassionate nod. He took this as an “O.K.” and went and sat next to his daughter, folding his hands gently on the table. She looked up, and for the first time in a long time, he saw himself in her bright eyes. They carried heaviness within them, a weight that was never supposed to be there. But they were full of forgiveness. Knowing what he was going to say, she said nothing, but handed him the paper she had under her nose.
                It was a picture of them. They were eating pizza together; just two little sticks with circles on the end, holding little red triangles. He remembered. It was when Jean was at a conference. He tried making Lilah maceronie, but it burned. So, they ordered pizza, and ate it on the couch while watching Beauty and the Beast. Under the picture there she had written (with the help of her mom):
                                                                I’m sorry I broke the lights.
            Bill felt the tears stinging his eyes. He looked up at her, and saw her looking down at her hands. He grabbed her little hand and held it tightly in his. She looked back up at him, a hesitant smile on her face.
                “I am so sorry for yelling at you. Will you forgive daddy?” Bill spoke softly.
                Lilah merely smiled, jumped from her stool and ran off. Bill sat there patiently, and soon enough she returned to him, holding a brand new box of Christmas lights. They must have gone to the store while he was in his room. She held the box proudly in her two arms, presenting them to Bill with a wide grin on her face. Jean had now moved from the stove to stand by the table, holding the ladle, and watching them with a genuine smile on her face. Bill took the box from Lilah’s outstretched arms and looked down at them for a moment, before lifting his face to look back into her eyes.  
                “Will you help daddy put lights on our house?”
                “Yes please.” She grabbed the box from him and started running toward the door.
*                    *                    *
The sky was a mixture of pinks and purples, a lake of swirled paint. Against the canvas of color, a small tan house was highlighted. Small lights lined the top of the house, frosted the bushes, and draped the trees. Small splashes of red, green and yellow lights tickled the landscape, creating a halo of light around the house. Snow gently drifted in the air, crisscrossing each other, creating a harmony of flakes that danced up and down then gently fell asleep on the great blanket left on the ground.
                Lilah danced around the yard with Sally held high in the air. She wore a puffy pink coat and purple mittens. She would occasionally dip Sally down into the snow, soaking the doll in newly fallen snowfall. Then she would pop her head back and open her mouth wide, catching snowflakes on her tongue. Bill stood at the edge of the yard, admiring his work. His hands were deep in his pockets. Spirals of white expelled from his nose with every deep breath he took. His eyes stopped scanning the house and Lilah dancing in the yard, as he saw Jean approaching him from the porch. A warm yellow glow illuminated her figure as she walked slowly toward him. Her auburn hair falling gently on her shoulders, and her arms were folded from the cold. Her face became clearer the closer she got, like he was looking at her through an adjusting lens. She was finally only a foot away, and he could finally see the face he had fallen in love with. The small patch of freckles under her ocean eyes, the small, penetrating lips. Before she could say anything, he pulled her into him.
                “I’m sorry.” He said, garnishing regret.
                “I know.” She closed her eyes, “We’ll get through this.”
                He let go her, but held onto her hand. They turned to watch Lilah. She was a gift he knew he didn’t deserve, but by some mercy he was allowed to have. As he held onto Jean, they both listened to her laughter, little bells chiming in with the gentle swoosh of snow drifting down.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

lemon #9 sweet sweet galaxy

Ok. So I learned a valuable lesson the other day. The channel in which I learned, came in the form of Super Mario Galaxy... on the Sweet Sweet Galaxy level.
In this level, you have to jump on a bunch of moving pathways with holes in random places. It is the most difficult and frustrated level! I think I spent up to an hour trying to finish it. I went through every stage of frustration. the initial frustration, mad motivation, and obsession. I wouldn't stop until I beat it. It probably got a little unhealthy. ANYWAYS. I'm gonna get a little cheesy and make this an object lesson. Sometimes we fall.... A LOT. Sometimes we fall all the time, and it seems we can't even make it to the ending mark. But I learned that we can always keep going. I learned to get back up. There finish line is always in sight, as long as we have the courage to keep going. 
I've been going through something very difficult, and sometimes I feel like I fall through holes all the time. But I can't let myself stay down. I gotta keep my eye on the goal!

So thanks for listening to me ramble about silly things. Who knew what things you can learn from a little, red, Italian plumber!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lemon 8 (Lemonade??)

Happy Windsday... :)

So this last weekend, me and my roommates adventured to the Dollar Store AND the DI. I was amazed at what I found... just....enjoy.

Frosty killed the kid?

It looks like Santa is giving birth...

umm.. I would not want this doll on my mantel.

What is in the middle of their love pretzel...?

a new way to look at a classic fairy tale

what does this even mean?

ending on a good note. each toothbrush comes with two songs. I would choose "baby" and "somebody to love" personally.

I would say it was a successful weekend!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lemon #7 big black book of white

Hi :)

Let me introduce to you... (drum roll?)... THE BIG BLACK BOOK OF WHITE. 

OK, so this book contains a collection of my most dramatic and fantastic ideas; it has everything and anything to do with my dream wedding. Yes, it probably does sound juvenile, and maybe it actually is. However, it has been something I've been actually passionate about. It's been a great creative outlet for me. In this book are dresses, hairstyles, decorations, bouquets, etc! I take ideas from pinterest, magazines, books, and from my own elaborate mind, and I mash them together and put them in this sketch book. 
So I started this book for many reasons:
1. To occupy my downtime (which is very little I might add).
2. To channel my creativity (I do some sketching :) ) 
3. To keep all my ideas in a book as a reference for when I'm engaged and too in love to want to think of new ideas, I can just look at the book and show everyone what I want :)  
4. To have fun being totally girly.
5. To channel my slightly unhealthy obsession with weddings. 

So, this book is definitely a lemon:) it actually lifts my mood when I get the time to work on it. It's fun and girly and it's totally me!

Yay for lemonade! You should all make a book of something or other... it's fun. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lemon 6: Rainy Day

Good day, all.
As I rose from my blissful slumber, I took off my eye mask to greet the day's incandescent rays flowing from my bedroom window. However, when I pulled the satin mask that hid my eyes from dreams, not one ray of light overwhelmed my sight. I stumble out of bed, groggy and wondering where the sun went. I walked outside and was greeted with a cold draft of a Rexburg rainy day! Of course my first reaction was to close the door and go back to sleep, dreading the moment I had to get ready for my last class of the week. At first I was irritated, but then I realized that I get to dress in warmer and cuter clothes! Then my misery turned to delight as I searched my wardrobe for the best Autumn outfit I could find! Here is what I came up with:

Here's the rundown...
flats and black jeggings: Target
mustard yellow v neck: Nordstrom
sweater: Modbe
awesome umbrella scarf: Ipnosi (Portland 23rd)
glasses: Urban Outfitters
beaded bracelet: New York & Co.

So here's the thing. A little rain may get you down. Or really, rain could be metaphorical for anything in life. But it's so important to find the silver lining. It may be something silly like a cute outfit, but the point is, there is always something to focus on that will change a bad day into a good one. Either it's a good movie to help you cope with many consecutive days without a letter, or a verse of scripture that combats a very stressful day of classes. Anyhoo, find something to brighten your day! Find something to make you laugh or smile. Just as I was writing this, a little freshman boy totally checked me out. He gave me a little smirk and I had to hold back a laugh. LOVE every awkward moment. I can't even express how many times small little moments have lifted my spirit. Even embarressing moments take their toll on you. Take advantage of everything! Make a bad experience and turn it around. You'll be surprised how much that will help you..
Anyway, food for thought.

OH. If you want to listen to a good soundtrack, I kid you not, The Last Song soundtrack is one of my alltime favorites. Give it a chance.

Happy Weekend!

Monday, September 12, 2011


Well I'm back in REXBURG, IDAHO. And let me tell you, there are sooooo many smells in Idaho. Driving from Portland to Rexburg, I smelt a variety of smells. Onion, potatoe, paper, cow, cow poop, skunk, more cow poop, and many smells that are a little harder to distinguish.
Anyhoo. So I'm back at school and here are a couple things that made my day:

1. Look out. Only available in Rexburg.

2. I loved these when I was a kid!

3. Do you think they carry adult sizes? I may need one this semester. Perfect for on-the-go.


Monday, September 5, 2011

Beautiful Person of the Day

Jennifer Goodwin!

So I will admit that I didn't even know who she was until I saw He's Just Not That Into You. And to be honest, that movie has a lot of issues. But the one plot line I couldn't help but be in love with was hers! Her performance as the desperate-to-find-someone, schoolgirl-cute girl was oddly refreshing. Not all of us could relate to Jennifer Aniston's character and her dilemma with trying to get her long standing boyfriend to marry her, and hopefully most of us can't relate to Scarlett Johansson's homewrecking... but ALL of us can relate with Jennifer Goodwin's character! All of us have waited by a phone, waiting for that one guy to come. All of us have mistaken a casual get-together with a date (well, maybe...), and all of us have been rejected. She played that role so well, I was very impressed.

She has the best smile!

Just sayin', this girl can pull off any hairstyle! She's up there with Natalie Portman and Emma Watson at the top of the pixie pyramid. 
I loved her in Something Borrowed too. Though I personally wished she ended up with Ethan (John Krasinski), but who asked me? She had such a cute style too. 

The dress and the shoes!

Anyway, she's a beautiful person. Peace!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lemon #4 Missionary letters!

Yep! Here I am, holding my very first letter from my missionary:)

Elder Michael James Schnell reported to the MTC on August 17, 2011.
Watered down story of us: We went to high school together, and we were kind of in the same group of friends, but we never really talked... until... 
He asked me to Senior Prom on closing night of the Musical (Once Upon a Mattress). I said yes.
So after much coaxing and a case of cold feet (in my case), we started dating. The rest is history, well, kind of. When we went off to school (he went to BYU Provo, and I went to BYU Idaho), I had my doubts that it would really last. I was definitely hanging on to the illusion I was taught in "The Winter Song" by either Sara Bareilles or Ingrid Michaelson (I still don't know which)... "they say things cannot grow, beneath the winter snow, or so i have been told." But it turns out we fell more in love over time and separation. 
So a year and a half later, we said the goodbye that been haunting us for all of our relationship. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done. However, I knew he had important to do for our Lord, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
So here I am holding the first letter ever! I can't even express how much I love his letters. They fill me with so much strength. His testimony is so tangible, it really is a wonderful thing to witness. I can tell he's already grown so much even though he's only been gone 3 weeks. 
Every day I pray for strength, that I will be comforted during this difficult but wonderful experience, and his letters are the answers to my prayers. I can testify that when you make a sacrifice for a worthy and righteous cause, you are blessed. I am so excited that we get to grow together during these two years, and though I want many things when he comes home (one of them happens to be small with diamonds on it), I want to be able to sit down with him and talk about all the wonderful experiences we've had.

Life gave me a lemon, and I'm going to make pink lemonade!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Beautiful Person of the Day

So she's been a big hit lately... and does she know that she has every boy/man/guy/dude drooling over her? Does she know that every girl is either green with envy or pink with adoration? Yes, of course she does...

Let's watch her "Hermione is hot" transformation, shall we?

This is totally the Hermione we know and love :)

I think this was the turning point... That epic descend down the stairs turned heads.

Now, in the Deathly Hallows, we see her as the natural beauty she is. 

Love the dress:) I think every beauty company was fighting tooth and nail for this girl.

This is such a gorgeous picture. She went from the cute, puffy-haired girl in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone to a international beauty icon. 

I love Harry Potter :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lemon #3 Retail Therapy

Never underestimate the power of shopping. I know it probably sounds a little shallow, but there is something comforting about buying new things. Lately I've been doing a lot of shopping because it keeps my mind off of stresses in my life. Here are my great finds (minus a few I wasn't able to find online): 

I think everyone should have a plaid shirt in their wardrobe. This was on sale for 50% off at Hollister. It's a simple shirt, but you can do a lot with it. It's great for layering. Leave it unbuttoned over a t-shirt or cami for springtime, or put a coat or vest over it for those colder days. Rock on.

I love these shorts! I got these at American Eagle on sale for $29.99. These are a summer must-have. They're  perfect because they aren't too long where they're bordering the capri territory, and they're not too short where you'd be wearing a pair of jean underwear (a popular trend I've noticed). These are conservative, but still fun and perfect for keeping cool. These can be worn with anything. And I have worn them with everything.

I know this picture doesn't really convey all the greatness of this belt, but it really is a great basic belt. It's braided and studded all around (the part you can't see), and it's great for belting a flowing shirt, dress, or sweater. This is found at Forever21 for pretty cheap (as everything is there, because of the unfortunate labor institutions in China, but let's not discuss it).

I LOVE these sandals. They were on sale at Amercan Eagle for around $20. Many may know these babies as "Jesus Sandals," for religious purposes I will merely refer to them as my "humble sandals" ;) Anyways, these are great. They're a neutral color, so they can be worn with pretty much any outfit. They would go great with a pair of shorts and a light colored shirt. I would not mix these shoes with any bright colors unless it's a match made in heaven. These are pretty Boho-Indie, so I personally would not mix it with any of the Edgy style. 

So I kind of love this ring. I got it at PacSun for $8.50. Yes, these rings make one of your hands rather inconvient... however, they're cute, and perfect for the hand you don't use. My left hand needs something to do! Let the left be the brawn, while the right be the brains (no political meaning intended).

So when I went to school in the Spring, I noticed an emerging trend that has really sky-rocketed lately... FEATHER FRENZY! I see so many girls with feathers either in their hair, on their ears, or on their necks. I'm  still a little skeptical about the feather-in-the-hair thing (Steven Tyler?), but I think a simple addition of feathers to your outfit is perfect. So I settled for a pretty tame pair of earrings. I found ones similar to this at ForLove21 for like.. $5? Cool :)

I'm all for long necklaces. These aren't the exact ones I bought, but their pretty close. I don't like the idea of a boring outfit, so I'm trying to expand my necklace collection. They're the perfect thing to excite a duller outfit. A necklace adds interest. But note, if wearing multiple necklaces, never wear many of the same length. They get bunchy and it looks tacky. Play around with lengths. I found these at Papaya Clothing.

So the pair I got didn't have the straps, and they were more scrunchy like a ballet flat. These are found at PacSun for around $20. I think everyone needs a pair of black flats. It's the kind of basic item that goes perfectly with almost every outfit. However, if your outfit is all black already... DON'T WEAR THESE. Excite your outfit with a splash of color. See the next pair of shoes if that is needed :)

When I showed these babies to my mom, she said "Oh yeah, those are Kelsi shoes!" Yes, yes they are. I love heels, and I needed a good blue pair. These are perfect for adding that splash of color that an outfit needs. These would look great with a pair of skinny jeans and a black leather jacket with a light colored flowy shirt underneath. Just sayin. I got these for $40 at Charlotte Russe. 

Oxfords! I can thank my man for this trend. Michael really loves this style and he's always wanted me to wear a pair, but I've always refused. However, they grew on me, and I really wanted to try it. So I found this pair at Forever21 for around $25. Though I'm new to these, I want to try them with capris and dresses. These would go great with either a beige sweater and capris, an earthy dress, a vest, or a blazer. Just a few things to experiment with. 

Ok so I love this! There's a great graphic T sale at Old Navy, so I got this for $15. I love anything with a beachy-feel to it. This goes great over bermuda's or capris. I'm actually wearing this right now with a grey and blue striped sweater tied and knotted. Next I need an anchor necklace or earrings. This would also look great with a blue scarf and those beige sandals of mine. ChaChing. 

I LOVE this book. It's actually a great style resource. You should check it out. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lemon #2 Love!

Okay. So today, there were so many things that I could mention for today's "lemon," so I decided to just talk about what I learned today.
Today was Michael's farewell talk in church. We've dated for 15 months, and I've grown to love him more and more everyday. Now, I don't want to get too sappy, because that's not my style, but today I learned an important lesson about love. Love isn't fleeting. Love lasts forever. I am aware of that cliche, but I know it's true. 
Watching the love of my life talking about spending the next two years of his life in the South, teaching the gospel of Christ, I realized that nothing is ending. Something wonderful is about to begin. This is going to be a beautiful experience for both of us. I believe that our love will grow each day, and the bond between us will be strengthened over time. 
Surrounded by people I love, I realized that love can endure. Love and fear cannot exist together, so to feel the deepest love that God has given us on this earth, is a fearless act of courage. 

Now for some interest, here is a couple who demonstrate what true love really means:
Gordon B. Hinckley and his wife, Marjorie Hinckley. May they rest in peace. They lived a long and beautiful life together, and they are perhaps the cutest couple I've ever known. I hope to someday have a marriage like theirs. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lemon #1 music:)

A couple months ago I joined the Karmin fan club. Not only does she have an incredible voice, but she has a great style. Very unique and chic! They do great covers. So great. 
Here's one of my favorite covers she has done:

and here is a tutorial she posted about how to do the "karmin suicide roll"

Some really do have the gift of music. It's amazing when they share that gift.

Oh and Karmin shows you that you don't have to need glasses to wear them! I found a pair exactly like the one's she's wearing in her "Less Than Perfect" cover for $14 at Urban Outfitters.

here's the link:

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hello everybody! 
My name is Kelsi. I started a blog before, but I had a total of two blog posts...
This blog has been an idea of mine for a long time. 
The title came to me a couple days ago, and I think it's "precious."
I realize that life is very special, and it needs acknowledgment.
Everyday, life gives you lemons, and you're given the choice of what to do with what you're going to do with it.
Are you going to make lemonade?
 Or are you going to ignore it and let it mold in that cute little bowl that you keep your fruit in?
I'm choosing to make lemonade. 
So here's how it works:
Whenever something brightens my day or anything makes me smile, I'm going to post about it. 
It will be my lemon!
Make sure you post a comment, because I would love to hear about what made your day great.
So there's the introduction... and here's me!
 My name's Kelsi and I love to sing. LaLaLa

 These are my puppies. I love them so. 

 This is Sugar. She's a mexican jumping bean. And she likes to lick. A lot. 

 This is Tucker. He's got crazy eyes, and he's adorable. He's my little dopey googly face. 

Welcome to my blog!

Picture credit: My man:) Michael James Schnell.