Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lemon #3 Retail Therapy

Never underestimate the power of shopping. I know it probably sounds a little shallow, but there is something comforting about buying new things. Lately I've been doing a lot of shopping because it keeps my mind off of stresses in my life. Here are my great finds (minus a few I wasn't able to find online): 

I think everyone should have a plaid shirt in their wardrobe. This was on sale for 50% off at Hollister. It's a simple shirt, but you can do a lot with it. It's great for layering. Leave it unbuttoned over a t-shirt or cami for springtime, or put a coat or vest over it for those colder days. Rock on.

I love these shorts! I got these at American Eagle on sale for $29.99. These are a summer must-have. They're  perfect because they aren't too long where they're bordering the capri territory, and they're not too short where you'd be wearing a pair of jean underwear (a popular trend I've noticed). These are conservative, but still fun and perfect for keeping cool. These can be worn with anything. And I have worn them with everything.

I know this picture doesn't really convey all the greatness of this belt, but it really is a great basic belt. It's braided and studded all around (the part you can't see), and it's great for belting a flowing shirt, dress, or sweater. This is found at Forever21 for pretty cheap (as everything is there, because of the unfortunate labor institutions in China, but let's not discuss it).

I LOVE these sandals. They were on sale at Amercan Eagle for around $20. Many may know these babies as "Jesus Sandals," for religious purposes I will merely refer to them as my "humble sandals" ;) Anyways, these are great. They're a neutral color, so they can be worn with pretty much any outfit. They would go great with a pair of shorts and a light colored shirt. I would not mix these shoes with any bright colors unless it's a match made in heaven. These are pretty Boho-Indie, so I personally would not mix it with any of the Edgy style. 

So I kind of love this ring. I got it at PacSun for $8.50. Yes, these rings make one of your hands rather inconvient... however, they're cute, and perfect for the hand you don't use. My left hand needs something to do! Let the left be the brawn, while the right be the brains (no political meaning intended).

So when I went to school in the Spring, I noticed an emerging trend that has really sky-rocketed lately... FEATHER FRENZY! I see so many girls with feathers either in their hair, on their ears, or on their necks. I'm  still a little skeptical about the feather-in-the-hair thing (Steven Tyler?), but I think a simple addition of feathers to your outfit is perfect. So I settled for a pretty tame pair of earrings. I found ones similar to this at ForLove21 for like.. $5? Cool :)

I'm all for long necklaces. These aren't the exact ones I bought, but their pretty close. I don't like the idea of a boring outfit, so I'm trying to expand my necklace collection. They're the perfect thing to excite a duller outfit. A necklace adds interest. But note, if wearing multiple necklaces, never wear many of the same length. They get bunchy and it looks tacky. Play around with lengths. I found these at Papaya Clothing.

So the pair I got didn't have the straps, and they were more scrunchy like a ballet flat. These are found at PacSun for around $20. I think everyone needs a pair of black flats. It's the kind of basic item that goes perfectly with almost every outfit. However, if your outfit is all black already... DON'T WEAR THESE. Excite your outfit with a splash of color. See the next pair of shoes if that is needed :)

When I showed these babies to my mom, she said "Oh yeah, those are Kelsi shoes!" Yes, yes they are. I love heels, and I needed a good blue pair. These are perfect for adding that splash of color that an outfit needs. These would look great with a pair of skinny jeans and a black leather jacket with a light colored flowy shirt underneath. Just sayin. I got these for $40 at Charlotte Russe. 

Oxfords! I can thank my man for this trend. Michael really loves this style and he's always wanted me to wear a pair, but I've always refused. However, they grew on me, and I really wanted to try it. So I found this pair at Forever21 for around $25. Though I'm new to these, I want to try them with capris and dresses. These would go great with either a beige sweater and capris, an earthy dress, a vest, or a blazer. Just a few things to experiment with. 

Ok so I love this! There's a great graphic T sale at Old Navy, so I got this for $15. I love anything with a beachy-feel to it. This goes great over bermuda's or capris. I'm actually wearing this right now with a grey and blue striped sweater tied and knotted. Next I need an anchor necklace or earrings. This would also look great with a blue scarf and those beige sandals of mine. ChaChing. 

I LOVE this book. It's actually a great style resource. You should check it out. 

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