Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lemon 6: Rainy Day

Good day, all.
As I rose from my blissful slumber, I took off my eye mask to greet the day's incandescent rays flowing from my bedroom window. However, when I pulled the satin mask that hid my eyes from dreams, not one ray of light overwhelmed my sight. I stumble out of bed, groggy and wondering where the sun went. I walked outside and was greeted with a cold draft of a Rexburg rainy day! Of course my first reaction was to close the door and go back to sleep, dreading the moment I had to get ready for my last class of the week. At first I was irritated, but then I realized that I get to dress in warmer and cuter clothes! Then my misery turned to delight as I searched my wardrobe for the best Autumn outfit I could find! Here is what I came up with:

Here's the rundown...
flats and black jeggings: Target
mustard yellow v neck: Nordstrom
sweater: Modbe
awesome umbrella scarf: Ipnosi (Portland 23rd)
glasses: Urban Outfitters
beaded bracelet: New York & Co.

So here's the thing. A little rain may get you down. Or really, rain could be metaphorical for anything in life. But it's so important to find the silver lining. It may be something silly like a cute outfit, but the point is, there is always something to focus on that will change a bad day into a good one. Either it's a good movie to help you cope with many consecutive days without a letter, or a verse of scripture that combats a very stressful day of classes. Anyhoo, find something to brighten your day! Find something to make you laugh or smile. Just as I was writing this, a little freshman boy totally checked me out. He gave me a little smirk and I had to hold back a laugh. LOVE every awkward moment. I can't even express how many times small little moments have lifted my spirit. Even embarressing moments take their toll on you. Take advantage of everything! Make a bad experience and turn it around. You'll be surprised how much that will help you..
Anyway, food for thought.

OH. If you want to listen to a good soundtrack, I kid you not, The Last Song soundtrack is one of my alltime favorites. Give it a chance.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Tell that freshman boy to keep his eyes off my girl!