Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hello everybody! 
My name is Kelsi. I started a blog before, but I had a total of two blog posts...
This blog has been an idea of mine for a long time. 
The title came to me a couple days ago, and I think it's "precious."
I realize that life is very special, and it needs acknowledgment.
Everyday, life gives you lemons, and you're given the choice of what to do with what you're going to do with it.
Are you going to make lemonade?
 Or are you going to ignore it and let it mold in that cute little bowl that you keep your fruit in?
I'm choosing to make lemonade. 
So here's how it works:
Whenever something brightens my day or anything makes me smile, I'm going to post about it. 
It will be my lemon!
Make sure you post a comment, because I would love to hear about what made your day great.
So there's the introduction... and here's me!
 My name's Kelsi and I love to sing. LaLaLa

 These are my puppies. I love them so. 

 This is Sugar. She's a mexican jumping bean. And she likes to lick. A lot. 

 This is Tucker. He's got crazy eyes, and he's adorable. He's my little dopey googly face. 

Welcome to my blog!

Picture credit: My man:) Michael James Schnell.

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