Tuesday, October 18, 2011

lemon #9 sweet sweet galaxy

Ok. So I learned a valuable lesson the other day. The channel in which I learned, came in the form of Super Mario Galaxy... on the Sweet Sweet Galaxy level.
In this level, you have to jump on a bunch of moving pathways with holes in random places. It is the most difficult and frustrated level! I think I spent up to an hour trying to finish it. I went through every stage of frustration. the initial frustration, mad motivation, and obsession. I wouldn't stop until I beat it. It probably got a little unhealthy. ANYWAYS. I'm gonna get a little cheesy and make this an object lesson. Sometimes we fall.... A LOT. Sometimes we fall all the time, and it seems we can't even make it to the ending mark. But I learned that we can always keep going. I learned to get back up. There finish line is always in sight, as long as we have the courage to keep going. 
I've been going through something very difficult, and sometimes I feel like I fall through holes all the time. But I can't let myself stay down. I gotta keep my eye on the goal!

So thanks for listening to me ramble about silly things. Who knew what things you can learn from a little, red, Italian plumber!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lemon 8 (Lemonade??)

Happy Windsday... :)

So this last weekend, me and my roommates adventured to the Dollar Store AND the DI. I was amazed at what I found... just....enjoy.

Frosty killed the kid?

It looks like Santa is giving birth...

umm.. I would not want this doll on my mantel.

What is in the middle of their love pretzel...?

a new way to look at a classic fairy tale

what does this even mean?

ending on a good note. each toothbrush comes with two songs. I would choose "baby" and "somebody to love" personally.

I would say it was a successful weekend!