Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Recipe for Perfect Pink Lemonade

Today I felt impressed to talk about personal confidence. Man, have I struggled with this for the longest time. However, I want to share a few things about what I have found to be the "SECRET TO HAPPINESS." Now for the disclaimer... I am not perfectly confident and happy all the time. I struggle a lot. But the great thing about life, is that you don't have to be perfect or happy all of the time. This is normal. I would be surprised if someone told me they are always happy. Let's be real. No, you're not. Life is full of disappointment and fear. However, God, in all His wisdom and grace, gave us one thing we can never forget: A SMILE. It's there for a reason. So that said, here is my secret to happiness:

Since I began eating right and exercising every day, I have been immeasurably happier. I have more energy, more motivation, and so much more appreciation for my physical body.

 my pesto pasta. Ingredients: Rigatoni noodles, pesto sauce, pepperoni minis, chopped tomatoes, and topped with parmesan cheese. 

I often struggle with having the right perspective on things. I tend to overreact to things that just aren't a big deal. My therapist taught me a technique to help me put things into perspective... before reacting to a situation or problem, rate the problem. 1 being not a big deal at all, and 10 being an absolute emergency. After doing that, match your reaction and perspective to the level on the scale. I find that not sweating the small things makes me a lot less stressed and is a great thing to learn in order to be happy.

My favorite flower:) the lily. 

If you do all the work you need to, let yourself be happy and do something FUN! Life is so busy... let yourself relax and just get lost in those things that you love. For me, that means singing at the top of my lungs, shopping for cute clothes, playing games, and just goofing off with my roommates.

 I love design and fashion. This is just what I do!

I would be nothing without my strong spiritual foundation. Whether or not you have religion in your life, you must understand that you have a spirit that needs nourishment just as much as your body does. Believe in things, hope for things, and try and get somewhere with your life. Find something to build a strong foundation, and I promise your life will make more sense. Find belief. Find a religion. Find faith. If you do this, you WILL find happiness.

This is the Rexburg, Idaho temple. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I believe it. I live it. 

Last but not least, find love. For goodness sake, LOVE IS BEAUTIFUL. In whatever form it takes, whether its the love between a mother and a daughter, or it's that I'm-crazy-and-your-crazy-so-let's-be-in-love kind of love! Find something/someone to love. In my opinion, the happiest person who ever lived on earth was Jesus Christ... and one of the reasons He was is because He LOVED everyone. It's something worth considering.

Love you all. Peace Out.


  1. I love everything about this! And I love you kels!! So proud of you. You are gorgeous inside and out and an example to all!

  2. Just found your blog and LOVED this! Thanks Kelsi. I used to be so chill and carefree. Then I became a mom and I tend to go into freak-out mode over the little things: like oh no my child didn't get a full liter of water today, I fail! Or oh no he won't eat his peas today, he'll never eat peas the rest of his life and never get enough iron and only eat crap! I'm going to try the rating 1-10 thing. I hope it will help me. Thanks again!

  3. I love this! I am reading a book right now called the happiness advantage By shawn anchor. Its brilliant and goes along these lines. It has really benefited me. I recommend it to everyone! Ps. Totally stealing that pasta recipe!