Thursday, May 31, 2012

Small and Simple Lemons

So after a rough day, I decided to try and cheer myself up. I want to make a list of all the small and simple things I LOVE that make my life so wonderful. Oftentimes we get caught up in the shuffle of the day and forget to contemplate the things to be grateful for. These are my small and simple lemons that I am grateful for today:

My headband
My legs (those things that allow me to get places)
The park
Crystal Lite
My mother
The picture of Jesus on my fridge
My lilies
My soft blanket
Tostitos Hint of Lime tortilla chips
Joss Stone
My nail polish
Kitchen Appliances
Diet Dr. Pepper
Fresh air
My voice
My pink water bottle
Baby carrots

Um... so there are many more.... but I don't want to bore you..... now here is a face from me to you:

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